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The Friends of Scouting in Europe (FOSE) is an initiative of the European Scout Foundation, individuals can demonstrate their support for the ideals and aspirations of Scouting, by contributing financially to the Movement in Europe.

This exciting initiative has huge potential to provide real and visible support to Scouting in Europe in general but particularly to the development and growth of our Movement in central and eastern Europe.


What is it all about

To provide financial support for the development of Scouting in Europe, with a main emphasis on projects of National Scout Organizations in central and eastern Europe. An exhaustive catalogue of such projects is available at the European Scout Office, upon request.

To increase the endowment capital as a means of raising money to support Scout projects. The Friends, acting as ambassadors, also help Scouting grow through their personal contacts and expertise.

To increase the endowment capital in order to provide financial support for other activities of the European Scout Region, such as seminars, events, publications and operational support.

Latest News and Event

90th Gilwell Reunion

The FOSE-UK Promotion Team were present at the 90th Gilwell Reunion held over the weekend of the 2-4 September 2016
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Gold Medal

Congratulations were sent to Jorgen Rasmussen the Chairman of the European Scout Foundation on being the first recipient of the European Scout Committee’s presentation of the first European Regional Gold Medal.
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